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Paia Bay Suites is in one of Paia’s most desirable locations. It sits on Loio Place, a side street which is oceanside of the highway yet is just a short stroll from the heart of Paia Town. It’s a great location for guests wanting to be close to Paia Town and the ocean while experiencing a genuine Maui neighborhood and real Maui residents.

Paia Town is an eclectic town with a mix of locals, surfers, New Agers, evangelical Christians, hippies, monied people, working folks, artists, snowbirds, Buddhists, and more. It was a rough plantation town that is now transitioning into Maui’s hippest beach town destination.

Guests at Paia Bay Suites will be staying in a real neighborhood, not a resort area. Unlike mainland destinations where beach and shoreline areas are privately owned, Hawaii law reserves Hawaii’s beaches for public use. Because the ocean is an integral part of life for all Maui residents, and because Paia Bay Suites is so close to the ocean, guests will have an opportunity to meet folks from all walks of life accessing the shoreline via Loio Place. Loio Place is a mix of multi-million dollar properties and humble historical plantation homes. As with every other vacation rental in Maui neighborhoods, there are people from various backgrounds and lifestyles, loud cars and sometimes even wild roosters. A few blocks away are historical Christian churches and a Japanese temple with its traditional Bon dance celebrations. This is a place where Maui residents are living our real lives. It is for visitors seeking a genuine local Maui experience and wanting to be part of a real neighborhood.

The property consists of a two-story cottage on a large fenced lot close to the ocean of Paia Bay (it is not oceanfront).

The Garden View Suite is on the ground floor of the cottage. It is reserved for the owners’ mother.

The Bay View Suite is the unit made available for vacation rental. It is on the second floor of the cottage. The Bay View is accessed by an exterior stairway.

The large yard is shared by the upstairs and downstairs suites.

Unlike many Maui vacation rentals which operate illegally, Paia Bay Suites possesses an operating permit from the Maui County government. This means your booking with us is secure.

Maui County Permit# STPH 2013/0026

Paia Bay Suites – Operations Began December 2013

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