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Paia Bay Suites (like other permitted short-term rental homes) is regulated by the County of Maui. This home is situated in a residential neighborhood. As such, we ask our guests to be respectful of our neighbors and to comply with the following House Policies which are, in part, required by the County of Maui.

  1. Quiet Hours are from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Noise from Paia Bay Suites Units (Garden View Suite and Bay View Suite) during Quiet Hours must not unreasonably disturb adjacent neighbors. Sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries of Paia Bay Suites during non-quiet hours shall not be more excessive than would otherwise be associated with a residential area.
  2. Amplified sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries of Paia Bay Suites is prohibited.
  3. Vehicles shall be parked in the designated onsite parking areas and shall not be parked on the street.
  4. No parties or group gatherings other than registered guests shall occur.
  5. Pets are not permitted.
  6. No smoking, illegal drugs or illegal activity.
  7. No animals are permitted except where required by law.
  8. Renter agrees to be financially responsible for any damage to persons or property at Paia Bay Suites caused by renter.
  9. 50% of rental fee is due as a deposit at time of booking. The remainder is due 30 days prior to commencement of rental period unless otherwise specified at time of booking.
  10. Any refund of payments made will be based on the degree to which the property can be re-booked by Paia Bay Suites and is at the sole discretion of Paia Bay Suites.
  11. Policies may change without notice and are not binding until time of booking.
  12. Additional policies may apply at time of booking.
  13. $500 Damage Deposit may be added at time of booking.

Rental of unit(s) at Paia Bay Suites is conditioned on compliance by renter with these policies.

Maximum occupancy per suite is two (2) guests including children over the age of two (2) years old.

NATURAL PEST CONTROL POLICY: The tropical and subtropical regions of Hawaii are the habitat of many insects and varieties of geckoes. Only ongoing heavy application of toxic pesticides will entirely eliminate geckoes and insects. To avoid excessive use of pesticides, generations of Hawaii residents in these areas have tolerated the presence in and around their homes of varieties of small (1″ to 3″) house geckoes. These house geckoes, which occur naturally, live on the outsides and sometimes the insides of homes and are beneficial in controlling populations of unwanted insects. Paia Bay Suites’ integrated insect control strategy includes limited pesticide application combined with gecko-based insect control. Guests may encounter occasional geckoes and insects. This is the norm for Hawaii. Paia Bay Suites prefers this balanced healthy approach that does not rely on heavy pesticide application and which is based on the experience of generations of Hawaii residents and our 40 years at the property.

NOTE: These policies are subject to change and are not binding until the time of your booking. Violation of these policies is cause to immediately terminate the rental by management and may be with or without refund.

Mahalo and Welcome!

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